SAP Flow Meter Model

SAP Flow Meter Model SFM-1

1. The Sap Flow Meter Model SFM-1 uses the Heat Ratio Method, developed by Burgess, Adams, Turner, Beverly, Ong, Khan and Bleby (2001).

2. Sap Flow Meter Model SFM-1 is the only instrument in the world that can measure zero flow and reverse sap flow rates of stems / roots of a wide range of different species, sizes in any environmental conditions.

3. Measuring sap flow allows tree and plant water use to be calculated on a daily or seasonal basis, and subsequently informing irrigation choices or species selection. Realtime monitoring of these measurements has not been possible until ICT International developed the SFM1x range of Sap Flow Meters using Internet of Things (IoT).

4. Using the Heat Ratio Method, the SFM1x can measure plant water use when the stem or root diameter is greater than 10mm, including: Low & zero sap flow rates; Reverse sap flow rates; Night-time water use; High flow rates

5. Data from the SFM1x can also be downloaded and processed using International Sap Flow Tool software. The software also allows for instant visualising of sap flow in 2- and 3- dimensions.

6. Specifications :

  • Measuring Technique : Heat Ratio Method (HRM)
  • Measurement Range : -70 ~ +70 cm hr-1
  • Resolution : 0.01 cm hr-1
  • Accuracy : 0.5 cm hr-1
  • Heat Pulse : User Adjustable: 20 Joules (default)
  • Logging Interval : User Adjustable; Minimum: 10 minutes
  • Output Options : Raw Temperatures: °C ; Heat Pulse Velocity: cm hr-1; Sap Flow: cm3 hr-1 (Litres hr-1)
  • Communication Options : Standard: Bluetooth/USB; (Optional Choice of LoRaWAN or LTE-M Cat-M1/IoT)
  • Data Storage : 8GB MicroSD Card (Extend up to 16GB)
  • Internal Battery : 4.2V rechargeable 18650 with 3450mAh Li-Ion,