Photosynthesis Yield Analyzer

Photosynthesis Yield Analyzer with/ Porometer Model MINI-PAM-II / Porometer (For the measurement of Photosystem- II activities, Quenching analysis, Stomatal Conductance in field)

  • Sensitivity, small dimensions, reliability under rugged conditions, and simple execution of fluorescence analysis make the MINI-PAM-II the standard for PAM fluorometry in field research. The MINI-PAM II combines well-tested fiberoptics with the most modern LED and computer technology. A sun-readable touchscreen serves as easy-to-use interface for field studies. The fluorometer automatically calculates and displays all relevant parameters of saturation pulse analysis.
  • The new leaf clip MINI-PAM II/POROMETER complements the analysis with precise information on water evaporation, stomatal conductance and other parameters important for understanding stomatal function and photosynthetic performance.
  • Energy-efficient LED sources, storage capacity for 27,000 data sets, and easy replaceable off-the-shelf batteries permit extended measurements in remote places.
  • The far-red light (735 nm LED) of the MINI-PAM-II preferably excites photosystem-I, but its radiation is negligibly absorbed by photosystem II. A special measuring routine uses this far-red light to determine the F0’ fluorescence level, which is important to correctly assess the redox state of photosystem-II reaction centers.
  • Optional accessories such as various leaf clips, external multi-color lamp, miniature spectrometer, suspension cuvette, optical oxygen sensor and barcode scanner.
  • In experiments using internal actinic light, the light intensity at sample level can be monitored online using an internal light sensor. This internal sensor must be calibrated against an external light sensor.
  • Saturation Pulse Analysis/Parameters: Ft, F0, Fm, F, Fm’. PAR, leaf temperature and relative humidity using 2035-B/Porometer Leaf-Clip Holder. F0’ (also measured), FV/FM and Y(II) (maximum and effective photochemical yield of PS II, respectively), qL, qP, qN, NPQ, Y(NPQ), Y(NO) and ETR (electron transport rate)
  • Fitting Routines: Two routines for determination of the cardinal points α, Ik and ETRmax of light curves
  • Programmed Features: Automatic determination of signal offset for all light intensities and all gain levels. Automatic calibration of internal PAR sensor against an external PAR sensor connected to the MINI-PAM-II
  • Parameter with Porometer Leaf Clip:gs mmol m-2 s-1; gt mmol m-2 s-1; gb mmol m-2 s-1; H2O in mmol mol-1; dH2O mmol mol-1; H2O out mmol mol-1; chamber pressure kPa, Temp (leaf) °C; Flow in/out µmol s-1; VPD Pa/kPa; E mmol m-2s-1; PAR µmol m-2s-1; GPS-location; GPS-orientation; sun-inclination.