Ecotron (Climate controlled Lysimeter)

Ecotron(Climate controlled Lysimeter) :

Ecotron are lysimeter applications that go beyond the observation of soil processes. With these measuring devices we bring your entire ecosystem into the laboratory. These mini-ecosystems enable the comprehensive investigation of ecosystem functions in the pedos, bio, atmosphere continuum under controlled boundary conditions. Our systems are variable and can be optimized for your examination goal.

Key Feature/Application :

Accurate measurement of water potential and transpiration rates of intact plants in different evapotranspiration requirements (influencing light intensity or humidity and soil drying). For studying the tolerance of plants to drought

Ecotron Model EcoLab flex :

The EcoLab flex can be designed, for example, as a single Ecotron with a lysimeter, as a single Ecotron with several stackable lysimeters or as a double station.

Advantages :
  • Enables complex ecosystem studies (pedo, organic and atmospheric continuum)
  • small footprint with high scientific efficiency
  • Versatile options for adapting the system to specific research questions
  • Easy to assemble by two people without any motor aids
  • Access the system via PC or smart device
Control the parameters for your research project :
  • No matter what climate scenarios you are working with, from dry to humid, hot to cold, whether a gentle breeze or a hurricane, a lot of sunlight or high humidity, groundwater levels high or low, everything can be recreated with the integrated systems in the EcoLab flex. When it comes to soil, you have the choice: either you use UGT's proven ready-to-go lysimeter sampling technology and get the undisturbed soil from the field into your laboratory, or you create your own soil according to your needs!
  • The EcoLab flex offers a well thought-out concept from the idea through implementation to the result. Simple operation, uncomplicated monitoring and quick changes to scenarios from anywhere via the innovative PLC control system for all actuators (e.g. lighting, irrigation, air conditioning). Insights into the development of your project or the growth of the plants are possible at any time and anywhere using a smart device using the integrated camera in the atmospheric unit.
The EcoLab 500 consists of two main components that build vertically on each other: atmospheric unit and soil unit :
  • The EcoLab flex soil unit for studying soil processes and the influence of flora and fauna on the soil.
  • The EcoLab flex atmospheric unit as an above-ground habitat for flora and fauna.