Chlorophyll Concentration Meter

Chlorophyll Concentration Meter (Patented Technology) Model MC 100

  • The Patented chlorophyll concentration meter Model MC-100 measures chlorophyll concentration in absolute units of micromoles of chlorophyll per square meter of plant leaf area.
  • The Apogee chlorophyll concentration meter is calibrated to measure chlorophyll concentration in leaves with units of µmol of chlorophyll per m2. This eliminates problems with relative indices of chlorophyll concentration. For reference and comparison purposes, the Apogee meter also outputs relative units (CCI or SPAD), if desired.
  • The meter includes internal GPS and also features a growing list of specific plant species settings including cannabis, grapevine, coffee, spinach, strawberry, cherry, hops, and blackberry etc.
  • Measures: µmol of chlorophyll per m2 and SPAD
  • Stores over 160,000 data points, more than most meters
  • Output Unit: µmol of chlorophyll & SPAD
  • Resolution : ± 10 µmol m-2
  • Repeatability : ± 1%
  • Sample Area: 10-5mm diameter